Nieuws / Britten implementeren Europese Privacy Verordening

Britten implementeren Europese Privacy Verordening

Tijdens een vragenuur in het Britse Lagerhuis werd door de Labour Party de volgende vraag gesteld:

"The tech sector’s No. 1 Brexit concern is that, when we leave, it will become unlawful to send personal data from Europe to UK firms unless the European Commission has declared our data protection arrangements to be adequate. What steps are being taken to secure that declaration in time?"

Door de Minister of State, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Digital Policy), de heer Matthew Hancock, werd het volgende antwoord gegeven:

"This is a very important point. It is vital to make sure that we have an unhindered flow of data between the UK and the EU, and indeed other trading partners around the world such as the US. We are implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in full, to make sure that we can have that unhindered flow of data."

Bron: blog Ardi Kolah LL.M / Henley Business School